Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Want My Money

Even when I was young I seldom watched Saturday Night Live. Still I recognize that there have been some great comics who have come from this show.

A friend sent me this clip and I was rolling on the floor. Put politics aside, have you ever had someone borrow money from you and they were slow to pay it back? Perhaps it was a real hardship for you to lend them that money but because you trusted that person your noble, selflessness, decided to loan the money to your friend or co-worker expecting to be paid back.

The promised pay day comes and goes. Weeks become months and still no money. At first you say nothing because you feel it would be wrong to ask because you don't want to appear to be putting money ahead of your friendship. At some level you don't want to appear that you don't trust your friend to do the right thing. As time goes by though you may hint or even ask, "Hey do you have that money I owe you?"

Sometimes the debtor apologizes and then assures you that on some new specified day the money will be repaid. He may even apologize for not getting it back to you sooner. There may be an attempt to let you know who earnestly he wished to have repaid the debt on time but circumstances got in the way.

The new date comes and goes with not one thin dime being paid towards the debt. The debtor, now read deadbeat, is avoiding you. Confrontations concerning the debt have lost the niceties and have become hostile. The circumstances that prevent repayment have become worse. Deadbeat either uses this to plead for more time and reassure you once again that when things settle down you will definitely be repaid OR deadbeat avoids you.

Meanwhile, word trickles back to you how deadbeat has bought a $200 tattoo of Daffy Duck or you run into him at the mall while he's using a credit card to pay for his $300 purchase of Georgia Bull Dog paraphernalia. Maybe you learn that he's ready to depart for a cruise with his family or buy a new car. You wonder why your friend continues to spend money while he has apparently avoided paying his debt to you.

Now scratch the whole friend thing because obviously we are not friends with China. We owe money to China. The Chinese own more U.S. government debt than any other nation - about $800 billion worth. And the U.S. pays China $50 billion a year just in interest.

As the old saying goes, "He who pays the fiddler calls the tune." How true. We do not have enough money to tip the fiddler a fiver let alone pay the man. Some would say that we are spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave but I think that's insulting to drunken sailors everywhere.

The Rolling Stones once sang "You can't always get what you want" but our President and Congress don't seem to understand that. In the mean time the American public is being sold snake oil and being told that it's liquid gold. Where is the bail-out for the American people? How in the HELL do you calculate Jobs saved? How in the hell does the President point to a website telling us the number of jobs saved that is filled with distortions? Why are we not being told the cost of of each job "created" and how the majority of them are temporary jobs.

If the plan created the maximum number of jobs forecast (4.1 million) for the minimum projected expense ($770 billion is the most widely bruited amount), then the cost of the plan will be roughly $187,800 per job created. If the plan is minimally successful, then the sum of $1 trillion dollars being proposed by Democrats in Congress will yield a mere 3.3 million jobs, or a cost per new job of $303,000. If government statisticians are to be given any credence at all, then the real figure will probably come out somewhere between these two extremes. And the money the government spends to create the new jobs would have to come out of the economy one way or another (taxes, borrowing, inflating the money supply) — causing lost jobs.

Wow that's a deal though because cash for clunkers wound up costing me $24,000 per clunker. Gosh I wish the government would have sent me $24,000 to buy a new car. Instead I'm still riding around in my hoopdie. What strikes me as being even funnier is that the "artificial demand" created by the cash for clunkers was used by the government to prove that we've "turned the corner" on this recession. Pa-LEEEZE.

Any way, I really loved this video from Saturday Night Live and it had me rolling on the floor. Obama, I too would like to be kissed and romanced a little before you and all the rest of the politicians, Republicans and Democrats "Have the sex with me."

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