Friday, June 11, 2010

Ayers' Plan For American Re-education Camps

I realize that Obama tries to duck his association with Bill Ayers and who can blame him. If one of my friends suggested the need to kill millions, I would quickly disassociate myself from that person. I would not serve on any boards with that person. As a matter of fact if that person was serving on a board, I would question the board's judgement.

The whole re-education camps and killing people sounds very "Mansion-esque". You may remember that old Charlie Manson felt that there would be a race war and he would wind up in charge. (This is because HE felt that blacks were not smart enough to govern themselves.) This plan also required some "killin'".

I suppose in this context Charlie was more adept to the cause because he and his followers killed more people than Ayer's and the Weather Underground. They did do some bombings and attempted to kill some of those evil capitalist pigs. Isn't it funny that both Manson and Ayers feel they didn't do enough and they should have done more?

I also guess because Ayer's was an intellectual some people give Ayer's a pass but Charlie was not educated and he will pay for that with his life. Charlie is in jail (thank God) and Ayer's is teaching college. Guess Al Gore is right. There really ARE two Americas.

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