Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Please Help Find Kyron Horman

Kyron Horman arrived early at his Portland, Oregon elementary school Friday morning for a science fair. At 8:45, his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, watched him walk down the hall, headed for his second-grade classroom.

But he didn't return home on the bus that afternoon. School Superintendent Carole Smith won't say if he missed any classes that day, so we're not sure if Kyron disappeared sometime during school, or sometime after classes let out. Either way, he hasn't been seen since Friday.

Police called 200 children to the school on Sunday, hoping for tips that might lead to Kyron's discovery. So far, there appears to be nothing.

The sheriff isn't calling the case a kidnapping, but we're not sure if he's just playing it close to the vest, or if he has evidence that he isn't talking about. The picture above shows Kyron on front of his science project on the red-eyed tree frog.
Kyron never made it to his class that morning, and no one saw him after his stepmom left him after the science fair. We'll keep you posted.

I find that very interesting. As a teacher we are told over and over and over about how important it is to take attendance each and every day. As a high school teacher, we must take attendance each and every class period. You're classroom attendance records must be meticulous because a child's attendance can be called into court hearings.

Many school districts, and I understand that this includes the one that Kryon attended, have automated calls that go out to parents when their child is not present. According to one story I read no such phone call went out to the parents. The school may be sued because the parent was not contacted.

Is this a case of abduction? We have photographic proof that the child arrived with the step-parent but did he remain in school? This is one of the reasons I love having cameras in the hall because you would be able to review the tape to see when Kyron left the building and with whom he left the building. Time and time again I hear parents and students arguing that these cameras are a sign of Nazi Germany but wouldn't you wish for these cameras if this was your child.

I now I mentioned this before but the school where I did my student teaching had an incident like this happen. This was years ago pre internet and school cameras. It happened the year before I arrived.

A little girl was abducted from the hall by a man who was dressed in Dickies work clothes. A teacher had spotted him earlier and the man said he was there to fix the clocks at the school. Then when the hall was clear he grabbed a girl who was on her way to the bathroom. They found her little naked body in an apple orchard that bordered the school.

In that case the teacher was upset that the girl was taking so long and then sent another little girl after her. The second little girl said she wasn't in the bathroom. This made the teacher angry and she sent a note to the principal to see if he could find where she was hiding. After a search of the school the parents were called. The police were then called.

So you really can't convince me that having cameras in our schools are a bad thing.

In this case I have a very bad feeling this case.

I did a google search on the Step-Mom. She graduated from Pacific University in 2005with a Master of Art Education, MAE Education. She's been with Kyron since he was an infant and she's been an elementary school teacher, a substitute teacher, and lately a stay at home Mom.

Anyone with information on Kyron's whereabouts is urged to call the Multhnomah County Sheriff's Office tip line at (503)-261-2847

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