Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is Kyron's Step-Mother The Prime Suspect?

When I first heard the Kyron story I wondered,"Did his step-mother have something to do with this?" Did it seem odd that she took a photo of him at school just moments before he allegedly disappeared or was this a very tragic twist of fate?

I didn't want to rush to conclusions and so I decided to see what I could learb about her. As you know she had a Masters in Early Childhood Education, had subbed at the school on previous occassions, and had helped raise Kyron since he was a baby.

Did this seem like the portrait of a "mother" who could kill? What exactly is the portait of a mother who can kill?

I focused on the fact that there were no cameras in the shool to monitor what goes on in the building as well as the fact that the school never made a phone call about the child not showing up to class. Many schools have automated programs that do just that.

So many strangers in the building because of the science fair would it be right for me to come after the Stepmom. I felt that it was strange that they changed this missing person case to a criminal case so quickly.

Here are the questions that inquiring minds want to know:

* Was it the fact that Police discovered that someone saw Kyron at 9AM. If so the police are refusing to say who that person was, where this took place, and what the circumstances were.

*Why did no one notice Kyron's backback left at school? Why didn't the stepmom plan to attend the talent show Kyron was supposed to be in that afternoon?

* Why did the Step-Mom post on her facebook that she wold be going to the gym shortly after reporting Kyron missing?

* What is the story behind the "picnic" that Step-mom apparently had at Sauvie Island that afternoon Kyron disappeared?

* Did Terri Horman lie to the police about her whereabouts on the morning her stepson vanished?

* Did Terri Horman tell a teacher that she was taking Kyron to the doctor on Friday, June 11? (the day of the disappearance?)

Terri Horman is scheduled to take a second polygraph test in the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron. What information will this produce and will it help to find Kyron.

Individuals with information concerning this case should take no action themselves, but instead immediately contact the local tip line at 503/261-2847, the nearest FBI Office or local law enforcement agency. For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.

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