Monday, August 9, 2010

Disabled" Ex-Firefighter Suing County For $13 million Caught On Tape Dancing

Perhaps someone should tell this former Seattle Firefighter that when you are suing for $13 million because you claim to be permanently disabled, you should avoid chopping wood, playing horseshoes and breaking into a victory dance. (btw he's got some nice moves doesn't he?)

The city is using the video shot by investigators in an attempt to overturn a judgment of nearly $13 million awarded by a King County jury last October to 46-year-old Mark Jones of Bothell.

Jones was injured in an accidental fall in 2003 down a fire pole at a station. According to court documents, he was knocked unconscious and suffered a head injury, broke nine ribs, fractured several vertebrae and his pelvis, as well as lung, bladder and liver injuries. He said his injuries resulted from city negligence.

Kenny Stuart, president of the Seattle Fire Fighters Union Local 27, is denouncing the decision to release video he considers inflammatory and inaccurate. He knew Jones before the accident.

"Mark no longer exists as he did before," Stuart said, “What that video does not show is that Mark suffered brain damage."

Brain damage, yes perhaps that it. He's so brain damaged he doesn't realize that if you are so permanently damaged you might not want to chop wood or dance around like you're in a Michael Jackson video.

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