Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sylar Newton Skeletal Remains Found

Skeletal remains were found at the bottom of a wash less than 2 miles from the Beaver Creek Campground, where 2-year-old Sylar Newton of Flagstaff was last seen July 24, Yavapai County sheriff's spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn said.

The remains were discovered by a distant relative of Sylar who lives in the area and had periodically been searching for the boy, Rhodes said.

Searchers previously walked up and down washes, and scoured a landfill, trash bins and other areas of the campsite for more than a week. Rhodes said search and rescue crews looked in the general area where the remains were found but not the exact spot. He added the search was conducted for someone who was lost, not concealed.

Sylar Newton was last seen inside a tent sleeping with family members around midnight on July 25th in the Beaver Creek Campground just off of Highway 179 and Interstate 17.

My heart goes out to this little boy who seemed to have the cards stacked against him from the beginning.

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