Sunday, August 8, 2010

'Facebook Bigamist': The Update

The course to true love is never runs smooth.

If you remember from a previous post Lynn France, said she only found out her husband had married another woman when she saw photos of their 2008 fairytale Disney wedding on Facebook. In photos, John can be seen wearing a Prince Charming costume at the altar.

John France denies his first wife's allegation that she learned of his second marriage on Facebook is "completely absurd."

The accused "Facebook bigamist" defended his actions by charging that his first marriage to Lynn France, 41, whom he wed in 2005 on Italy's Amalfi Coast, was never legally valid.

"I was not carrying on a double life," France, 63, said in an interview with NBC's "Today" this morning, with his new wife, 25-year-old Amanda Weisal France, by his side.

But Lynn France, claims that after the marriage she and her husband reconciled. Unfortunately love was not in the air and he took the couple's two young sons to live with him and his new wife in Florida against her will. She said she has not seen the kids for weeks -- except for in photos on Amanda's Facebook page.

"Now, that's the only way I see my children" -- on Facebook, Lynn France told the St. Petersburg Times Wednesday. "It's just surreal."

John France said his previous wife is free to see the children anytime she likes and said he'd offered to buy her a plane ticket to Florida to visit. He is seeking "majority custody" of the two boys.

"We feel that the kids are more stable, comfortable, and secure and safe with me," he told NBC. But he stopped short of calling Lynn an unfit mother today. "Lynn has a history," he said, but "I'm not going to badmouth the children's mother on national TV."

Geee John do you think it might be more stable for your kids to live in the home of a man who actually divorced his wife before he took up with and MARRIED a new woman. You see if John didn't really think he was married then why did he use her as a tax deduction and put her on his insurance?

Amanda Weisal France may want to take a good look at Prince Charming because he certainly doesn't seem to have a good track record with fidelity. The true victims of all of this nonsense are the children.

Want to support Lynn France there is a Facebook page set up to do just that.

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