Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Justine Winters Sues Her Victims

Let's try to wrap our head around this insanity and trust me it is insanity.

On March 19 of last year Justine Winter's texts indicated she was threatening suicide as she drove on I-93 between Whitefish and Kalispell, Montana. She had been fighting with her boyfriend and decided that life was no longer worth living.

According to police, she drove head on into a car traveling the other direction at 85 mph. Riding in that other car were Erin Julie Thompson, who was four months pregnant, and her 13-year-old son Caden Vincent Odell. The Thompsons were traveling at just 30 mph.

Detectives later discovered that Justine didn't hit the brakes until one second before impact caused her air bag to deploy, according to the Daily Inter Lake. Caden, Erin and her unborn baby were all killed in the collision.

Miraculously Justine surivived.

As if to grind salt in the open wound of the victim's family Justine is actually suing the estate of the family she killed claiming that Erin (the actual victim) was negligently operating her car as she returned home from a middle school choral concert that night.

The victim was negligent, HOW? After all the victim was in her own lane when Justine hit her at 85 mph!

In her lawsuit, Justine Winter claimed that she "suffered permanent and continuing injuries, along with mental pain and suffering and the loss of capacity to enjoy life

Hey there Justine, do you think that the friends and family of your victims sufered mental pain and suffering and the loss of capacity to enjoy life?

Justine is also suing the three companies that helped build the U.S. 93 overpass, the site of the accident

Am I the only one who thinks that this is akin to a shotter suing the bullet and gun manufacturer as well as his victim?

Want to know more about Justine? Here are some screen shots of her facebook before it got taken down:

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JR said...

I have seen the aftermath like this where the person driving intentionaly drove into on coming traffic in order to kill himself. He succeeded. He also took the lifes of a mother and her 3 daughters leaving behind her husaband and infant son. I don't have any connection to these people. I was merely driving home after celebrating my birthday. I will be haunted for the rest of my life by this event.
Give this up MS Winters. You did this and you need to own up to it. You can't take it back. You will grow up in prison and you will forever be a killer. You can however be forgiven but you have to make the first move. Let redemption be your main goal.