Wednesday, October 17, 2012

There Too Many Faces Of David's Love - A Heart Like His

When David’s servants came to Abigail at Carmel they said to her, “David sent us to bring you to him as a wife” 1 Samuel 25:40

What sins and temptations regularly draw you to places where avoidable trouble becomes predictably inevitable?
Inevitably my prideful insistence that I can control things in my life over which I have no control gets me into trouble.  I have only to look back at my life for examples of times when I insisted my way was the right way even when I knew that the choices I was making went against GOD’s word. 
I know God answers prayer and now I look forward to what he is doing in our lives. I know it is for good.
Where do you usually feel the tension first when your ways and GOD’s ways begin to part? 
I feel tension and panic when GOD’s plan and my plan are divergent.  Sometimes it is difficult to walk by Faith and not by sight.  This is why it is so vital to first present our plans to Him and ask for assurance that God is in favor of our decisions.

Never give up on God. Never allow yourself to be determined solely by what ordinary perception tells you. Rather look with the eyes of Faith and see what God is up to.

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