Saturday, November 27, 2010

Atlas Becomes A Member Of The Family

Today we adopted Atlas.

Atlas is a miniature pincher with a sad history but a happy future.

We had taken our dogs to the groomers and I noticed a cage contained a very timid small dog.

There was a small note on his cage that said, "one day away from being put down."

My heart stopped. I asked the owner of the groomer, "What does that car mean?"

It turns out that the dog had originally come from a puppy mill that had been busted and for a short time he became a resident of the local shelter. I can still remember hearing about it on the news. Conditions had been so bad that one dog had died and other dogs were trying to eat it.

The shelter being at capacity began to schedule dogs that weren't adopted to be euthanized. Fortunately a rescue group saved our baby.

Originally named Toby, we renamed him Atlas. We were also given notes that informed us that he'd never been on a leash and was not used to living with a family.

We decided to bring him home and introduce him to the joys of a walk. Instead he immediately taught us the panic of the mad dash.

Atlas turns out to be a very able escape artist and he took off running. The more he ran, the more we ran, then he'd allow us to get a little close and then he'd take off again.

It didn't take us long to learn that he thought this was a game and the odds seemed stacked against us.

I was in a dead panic because it was dark and cold outside and neither condition worked to our favor. Fortunately, Darryl was able to sneak up on him and he placed him in my arms. He cuddled next acting as though the wild romp had been nothing but an afterthought.

Atlas is very jumpy. He is not used to the every day sounds of a house and everything causes him to run and cower in the corner or under the blanket.

At the end of the evening, a very tired miniature pincher fell sleep lying at my feet and even snored a little.

I think I'm in love. Now I just have to convince him that he is loved and always will be.

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