Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 18 Of Forty Days of Gratitude

You might be surprised when I express what I am grateful for today. You may just think, oh she's probably gloating about the election results. After all, this was the biggest shift in the legislature in 70 years. Imagine that. The Republicans retook the House and they barely missed taking over the Senate.

Ah but that's not really what I'm grateful for today. Today I got to see that my words can save a life. That is powerful and frightening.

I have one young lady who is often absent from class. She's at the point that if she missed two more days she will have failed for the semester. When she was out for three days recently I asked her why she was out and she said she had a migraine. I asked her if her doctor had diagnosed her as having migraines and what she takes for them.

I asked because I used to suffer migraines and before I was diagnosed I had to undergo some tests.

She told me that she had never seen a doctor and I asked her why. She shrugged her shoulders. I told her that she should see a doctor to make sure that she actually is having migraines and that it isn't something that could be potentially worse like blood clots or high blood pressure.

She was out from school again yesterday but today she came to class with a doctor's note. Turns out she has very high blood pressure and she had no clue. The doctor is starting her one treatment. I am so thankful that she took my suggestion and that she went to see a doctor.

I am also thankful that I could make a difference in the way a coworker was feeling. She was very upset about something someone said to her and when we talked she told me how much she appreciated me for hearing her out and letting her get it all off her chest.

I simply told her the truth, that she was an amazing woman and that she doesn't often recognize that in herself. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to speak.

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