Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fly The Friendly Skies And Be Forced To Endure Invasion Of Your Personhood

Did you give you child the talk? You know the talk about not allowing anyone to touch you in your "special place." The talk in which you say to your sweet innocent child that no one, no one ever has the right to touch you when you don't want to be touched? Well you need to go back and modify that speech a bit.

Your new speech should include that the government and its agents always has a right to touch you even if the constitution happens to mention that whole silly little search and seizure blah blah blah thing.

Just by let your child know that the TSA can impose its will on your body against your will but if you are a good little girl these nice people will let them you can fly to Disney World, I'm certain that will just make things go so much better for your child than this video.

Oh and wasn't it a great idea for the TSA Agents to get the child to think that they are playing a game? Of course I think child molesters do that to. They touch you against your will and tell you that it's OK because it's just a special game you are playing. That certainly won't confuse a child.

Golly Gosh darn it Janet Napolitano what a great idea! Don't forget we face a determined enemy. Just curious Janet, that determined enemy, are they three year old girls?

Oh but the news gets better for the ladies both young and old. Screeners are now authorized to use the front of their hands and to touch areas around breasts and groins. Passengers being screened are supposed to be given privacy during these more invasive pat-downs and the searches are supposed to be done by screeners of the same sex.

Do you think they will buy me dinner first? Will there be that awkward moment afterwards where the screener says, "I'll call you"

Oh and by the way have we even been told the truth about the dangerous levels of radiation full-body scanners emit? I don't know about you but even at 51 years old, my dentist asks me if there is a chance I might be pregnant before giving me a full mouth X-ray.

Should pregnant women be concerned about exposure to this radiation?

Too many questions that are not being answered. Thanks for all that transparency we were promised.

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