Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jennifer Petkov Back In The News Over Some Shit

Does the name Jennifer Petkove ring any bells for you? That's right she was the "lady" (I use this term extremely loosely based solely upon her sex and not her behavior) who decided that it was OK to taunt a young girl who was dying of Huntington’s disease. She was also charged with felonious assault and reckless driving for allegedly trying to run over Tana Bowling as she was crossing the street Oct. 13. Seems that Jennifer is the poster girl for psycho bitch.

Turns out our friend Jennifer is back in the news again. This time over some shit. Yes I said shit.

Police were called 2:40 p.m. Saturday when Bowling told police the Petkovs had been spraying dog feces mixed with water under the fence line and onto her property. yes that is the same Tana Bowling she tried to run down back in October.

Police found what appeared to be dog feces on Bowling’s property and spoke with the Petkovs. Both denied spraying the dog feces under the fence. Scott Petkov said his son had been cleaning up after the dog, which is chained to a fence near where the alleged dog feces was found, and that he would try to clean it up better.

Scott Petkov said Bowling has been warned not to step on their property, a “No Trespassing” sign is posted and he wanted Bowling and a man helping her rake leaves ticketed.

He told police he videotaped the incident. The officer reviewed the tape but could not tell if anyone was on the Petkovs’ driveway.

Bowling and her friend denied being on the property or driveway. Police said the Petkovs want to prosecute them for trespassing.

Jennifer, I realize I'm not a doctor. Heck I don't even play one on TV but it doesn't take Einstein to realize that you really desperately need some psychiatric help.

Surrounding yourself with so much hate and anger is only going to come back to hurt you and your family in the long run. Get help girl! Don't walk RUN. Call a doctor today.

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