Saturday, April 30, 2011

How Raid Put A Halt To The Ant Parade At My House

You want to talk about bugs, well here is my story about the Ant Parade.

I have a steadfast rule that all food must be consumed in the kitchen or the dinning room. I do not want the boys to take food into the living room or the bedrooms for a variety of reason but the boys learned why the hard way.

It all began when a friend of mine and her son spent the night at our house prior to a trip we all planned to take to Virginia Beach. My sons and her son got along great so it they stayed up later than they should have telling ghost stories by flashlight.

At some point during the night the boys snuck into the kitchen and fixed themselves some snacks carrying it back to my youngest son's bedroom. Uh oh!

The next morning when I knocked on the door for the boys to get up they rubbed their sleepy eyes and dragged themselves to the kitchen for breakfast. Their innocent faces did not betray their nocturnal violation of the house rules. Perhaps i should have wondered more about why they didn't seem to hungry.

After some rushing around we were off to spend a week at the beach for some fun in the sun. We had such a wonderful time.

We returned late at night a week later so I didn't really notice anything was amiss until I awoke the next day. As I plodded over to the stove in the early morning light I noticed a line, a long black line, it was a conga line of small invaders progressing across the floor in their singular mission of foraging for food.

Oh my gosh I thought, I have ants! How did they get here. I followed the ants to their final destination, under my youngest son's bed. I was afraid to lift up the bed skirt but I had to get to the bottom of this infestation and when I did the answer was apparent. There beneath the bed were three dirty plates, empty soda cans, and a mostly empty popcorn bag.

What's a girl to do. Clearly some brave person, namely me needed to clean up the mess and get rid of the ants. Thank goodness for RAID. It worked and got rid of my ant parade quickly.

What happened to the perpetrators? They quickly came clean to the offense and after learning the consequences I have not had a repeat performance.

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