Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jaime Kirlew's Target Adventure

To take the words writ out of Blaggo's mouth these videos are "golden".

Jaime Kirlew is the latest virtual villain and has seemingly hundreds of folks across the blog-o-sphere documenting the alleged coupon fraud she unleashed on TCL's Extreme Couponing.

Not only has Ms. Kirlew yanked her You Tube Channel but after a never ending assault on her Facbook She's yanked that too.

I know what you're thinking. Where did I get these videos. Well it was a circuitous journey indeed. I saw posts about them, mocking videos referring to them but each and every link was yanked.

What exactly was on these videos showed criminal action at the Target? I wondered. Then finally the search yielded these videos which seem to pop up over and over and over again as one blogger copies it and then the next and then the next leaving a seemingly never ending trail to the next post.

So let's get busy and dissect these videos. You know you want to.

Jaime "Jail'Me" Kirlew Committing Coupon Fraud... by JailMeKirlew

To begin with you will notice that Ms. Kirlew's is using a 55 cents off Lucky charms printable coupon but she is clearly not using them in accordance with the strict guidelines for the coupon. The coupons are supposed to be used towards boxes of Lucky Charms and not for these little cups.

For the non-coupon user or newbie to couponing you might not realize that there are some coupons out there that do NOT limit you on the size of the product you buy. In such cases you can buy a much smaller product and even get a product FREE doing this.

In this case there actually IS a specific net weight given on the coupon. This means you can only use the coupon on products that meet this requirement.

Ms. Kirlew "misspoke" when she mentioned that she had a $5 off "any Olay Cleanser" coupon rather these $5 coupons were actually for for Olay Pro-X or Regenerist. Clearly this is not the product she is purchasing so I just don't get WHY Target allows her to use this coupon for her purchase of the regular Olay cleanser.

There is a similar problem with her Vaseline coupon purchase because the coupon was for the Vaseline Sheer Infusion product and NOT the product she purchased.

The $3 Hot Pockets coupon would have been a HOT DEAl had the coupon not been for the family pack. Our super shopper didn't let that stop her, she bought the three-count Hot Pockets. Again, why did the store accept her coupons for a product that clearly does not align itself with the stated value of the coupon?

Clearly the register is kicking out many of her coupons as not being good towards the items purchased but time and time again we see the cashier over-riding these pesky little "errors". Fortunately for the cashier Jaimie is there to walk her through manually coupons when register is clearly giving her an error message.

I don't know about you but I am chuckling as Jaimie is bragging about how the manager and others are gathering around to watch all her savings. You know sort of cheering her on. Silly me, I might think they are there just in case she causes a scene when her coupons are turned down.

As a former cashier, I know that often managers just want to get trouble making customers out the door even if it means that the store takes a hit. Is that what's going on here?

Jaime "Jail'Me" Kirlew Committing Coupon Fraud... by JailMeKirlew

So does our Jaime do a better job on the second video? Well not so much.

Once again the coupons do not match-up to what was born as in the case of the $4 coupons were for Secret Clinical Defense. Jaime used this coupon on the cheaper Secret deodorant.

I think the section of the video that was most interesting was the section where she uses the $5 printable coupons for the Charmin and the Bounty. P&G has NEVER issued printable coupons for their products. That's right, I said NEVER!!!!

I actually remember going to my grocery store when this fraudulent coupon was out there and all the registers at my Kroger had signs warning that this was a fraudulent coupon. As a matter of fact our Kroger even stopped taking printable coupons for awhile.

My point? Well in my book that's STEALING. Well at least that's what they call that in my neck of the woods but maybe they call that something different in Jaime's little world.

So what's the end game in all this? TLC says that they are INVESTIGATING. Really? Is that in a sort of fox in the hen house kind of way?

Heck this has been a rating bonanza while it hurts the not so extreme couponers. Thanks!

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