Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tips From The Pros On Winning Sweepstakes

Thinks no one wins sweeps, well think again. I can attest that people do win and that you could too if you simply remembered this little axiom, “You’ve gotta play to WIN”

OK I didn’t make that slogan up but this slogan from the Maryland State lottery is true. As a matter of fact I am always amazed at the number of people who complain that they NEVER win only to confess that they NEVER enter.

• You have the best chance of winning by using the snail mail route. Because so many sweepstakes are moving online, old-fashioned snail mail contests are seeing fewer entries
• Don’t get disqualified, make sure you READ the rules first
• Fewer people enter contests that require a skill like a recipe or an essay, so if you possess these talents, you will have better odds.
• Send a thank-you note when you win
• Don’t ignore social media. Lots of companies are using social media to promote their sweepstakes.
• NEVER send money or make a purchase in an attempt to win a sweepstakes! Any suggestion that you should buy before entering could be illegal.

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