Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Lose A Kingdom - 90 Days With A Heart Like His

CUPCAKE ALERT!  It’s not that I don’t understand how losing weight occurs.  I absolutely do which makes one wonder WHY did I decide to eat TWO cupcakes for lunch yesterday.  It’s no wonder that I woke up this morning to see the scale staring back at me at 128.8. 

Yesterday I was going through some boxes in the room that will be ours and I decided to try on some of my old pants.  While I could pull my size 4 jeans up over my hips, I have to suck in my gut in order to close my jeans.  So here’s the really dumb thing.  I said to myself if I can just lose these last couple of pounds I can fit these again.  I promptly go downstairs for lunch and had not one but TWO cupcakes! 
As I mentioned yesterday, Darryl was disoriented yesterday morning and wound up having to come back to the house about a half an hour after leaving for work.  I was upstairs when he came back and didn’t know he had come home until I heard him yell upstairs; “Didn’t you lock the door?” 

I had when he left but I guess I forgot when I went to take the trash out to the curb.  I suppose I was still out of it and forgot to lock the front door. 
When I got down stairs to find out why Darryl was home, I found him with the screen door open calling for our dog Atlas.

“Darryl,” I said, “You’d better close that door before he dashes out.”  Just as the words fell out of my mouth, there was Atlas trotting in from outside.
How did he get out?  Did he get out when I had taken out the trash or when Darryl came home?  According to Darryl, Atlas was hiding in the bushes across the street and when Atlas saw Darryl he came trotting back home.

Despite my bout with illness last night, Darryl’s tardiness coming home, we were able to make it to the “Taste & Tour” Open House with Interfaith Housing Coalition last night. 
Interfaith is an organization whose goal is to do more than just provide transitional housing to homeless families. Their ultimate goal is to take the poor from working poor to working class to middle class within 3 years.  We both found it to be a pretty amazing organization.  We are contemplating becoming part of it by volunteering.

Today’s Bible Study with Beth Moore’s “David 90 Days With A Heart Like His” is called How To  Lose A Kingdom.
“Does the Lord take pleasure n burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord?  Look:  to obey is better than sacrifice.”  1 Samuel 15:22

“Why didn’t you obey the Lord? (1 Samuel 15:19)  It’s always a hard question to answer, isn’t it?  But answer it we must.  Why-why do we disobey the Lord?
We are all born with something in our hearts that likes to have its own way. We all think we are wise enough to decide for himself ourselves was right to do instead of following God’s instructions. 

If we are not obedient to His words and direction in our lives then it characterizes our lack of faith and trust in Him. We must show our trust in Him in every single situation and believe He has the right solution for any situation in our life.
What have you learned about sin in your life?  What are some hard-to-fast expectations of it that we’ll all do well to review on a regular basis?

When we find something we want to do we will fashion a way to accomplish this goal. When opposition arises, self-preservation engages and we employ denial and rationalization in order to justify our desired path. We will sometimes accomplish this goal at the expense of truth, family, friends, and reputation. We will lie to ourselves and berate our conscience until it condones our behavior
God cannot tolerate disobedience, and he has made this abundantly clear.  There are no loopholes in God's commands. While we may work the angles and weigh the costs but in truth, disobedience is still an act against God and His commandments.

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