Thursday, July 19, 2012

Warrior Artist - A Heart Like His

I've begun obsessing with my weight again.  I brought the scale home from the camper last night and I saw that I weighed 128.9 lbs this morning.  I know this sounds crazy but I wonder if I’ll see 125 again.  I realize that’s only three pounds but I just seem to hover around the weight.  Admittedly I’m not overweight but I felt I looked better at 125 so I guess I have to get my butt in gear.  In the big scheme of things four or five pounds are not a game breaker. 

I guess I feel guilty because I at a bag of chips and four chicken fajitas the other day so I’m beating myself up for doing such a stupid thing.  Today I had thought about going to Burger King for an original chicken sandwich.  Fortunately I checked the weight watchers points and learned that just the sandwich was 17 points.  OMG!!!!  I am only allowed 19 points so I would not be allowed to eat ANYTHING else today.  I guess I won’t be using that coupon. 

Believe it or not a Whopper Jr with no cheese is only nine points and a soft serve cone is only four points. 

Yesterday was Darryl’s birthday.  I got him a happy birthday balloon, a card, and some cake.  Darryl doesn’t like making a big deal about his birthday like I do. 

Our Love Dare yesterday was to contact each other sometime during the business of the day.  We are to have no agenda other than asking how our spouse is doing and if there I anything we can do for our spouse. 

I emailed Darryl several times throughout the day with little love notes and asked what I could do for him on his birthday.  I helped him unload more of the truck and he helped me move some boxes. 

Now for today’s My David 90 Days With A Heart Like His Bible study by Beth Moore.

I have seen a son of Jesse of Bethlehem who knows how to play the harp.  He is also a valiant man, a warrior, eloquent, handsome, and the Lord is with him (1 Samuel 16:18)

Have you ever felt like Saul—threatened by someone like David who seemed to have so much of God invested in him?  What puts us off about people like that?

The reoccurring theme of my life is that I feel threatened by others.  Are they prettier than me?  Are they smarter, thinner, more educated and the list goes on.  I fell as thought I was captive to the expectations of others.  While I understand that in all the world has never been and never will be anyone else like me, I’m not so certain that it’s such a great being me.

I need to learn to acknowledge that my uniqueness is God’s gift to me, and uniqueness is my gift to God.  Every past experience is preparation for some future opportunity.  God has designed me for a specific person. There is nothing God cannot do in my and through me if I simply yield my life to Him. 

I need to acknowledge that GOD is crafting my character through the circumstances of my life. To see myself as anything other than God’s masterpiece is to devalue and distort my true identity. At the end of the day, God isn’t going to ask, “Why weren’t you more like this person or that?” God is going to ask, “Why weren’t didn’t you use the gifts and talents I gave you?”

Would you describe yourself as more strong than tender, or more tender than strong?  What are the greatest dangers of getting out of balance in either direction?

I would describe myself as more tender than tough.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and so I can be easily hurt.  If you asked others they may describe my tenacity as my tough side that helped me overcome the obstacles in my way.

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