Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where To Go When It Hurts - A Heart Like His

Today is day four of my Bible study with Beth Moore's 90 Days With A Heart Like His.

Deeply hurt, Hannah prayed to the Lord and wept with many tears...Then Hannah went on her way; she ate and no longer appeared downcast.(1 Sameul vv 10, 18)

What's your usual first response to troubling situations? And how has it typically turned out when you've tried handling your hurts this way?

You know, if I were to pick one super hero capability it would be the ability to disappear. So many times when I found myself in troubling situations I tried to make myself invisible wishing with all my might that I could really succeed in doing just that.

I would attempt to flee from the situation, deny the situation, abdicate my ability to solve the situation in hopes that "this too shall pass." I hoped that my "invisibility" would keep others from hating me especially if my decision could affect others. Essentially I was making a decision by not making one.

We all know we can't run from our problems. Yes even I understood that. Sometimes the problems grew when they were not dealt with expeditiously. This didn't seem to phase me though as I repeated this coping method over and over again "as needed."

Why does God not always seem to be the most reliable place to go with the painful feelings and experiences in our lives? What does he appear to lack, and why is believing that so deceptive?

I think it can be hard for you to reach out to God once we've set our course down a road that we may have known was wrong from the outset. We want to believe that somehow we can set things straight or that things will solve themselves. Perhaps we may even feel that we deserve the situation where we find ourselves.

God lacks for but as humans dealing with emotions at a human level find it difficult to believe that God still loves us and that he doesn't want us to suffer.

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