Thursday, July 26, 2012

Waiting Up Is Hard To Do - A Heart Like His

Morning brings a new day and a new perspective.  Thank goodness for a chance to shake the problems from yesterday. 
Yesterday Darryl called to let me know that his car was not starting up so he called me up to ask me to come pick him up.  This was to be my first foray in traffic in Dallas.  Fortunately I was heading in the opposite direction of the rush—hour traffic.  This did not mean that I wasn’t nervous.  I was very nervous. 

Let’s be honest, I’ve been kind of sheltered from city traffic for about ten years.  Now magnify the traffic I dealt with in DC and you’ll get a good idea of what I was facing.  The traffic signs in Texas may say “Drive Friendly,” but trust me NO one seems to read those signs.  I clutched my directions, said a prayer for God to be with me on this trip, and headed off to pick-up Darryl.
Even though we couldn’t get his car to start, things seemed to settle down once we arrived home.  Darryl fired up the grill and we got the chance to try those ribs that I won.  We paired them with some waffle fries I was reviewing for my blog and I joked with him about how dinner tastes even better when it’s free.

I crawled into bed around 10 PM and figured the troubles we had earlier that evening were over.  After all Darryl could have use of my car so he could get to work and I didn’t mind being confined to the house because I had some things to do.
Around one in the morning I awoke to a pounding headache and a parched throat.  I immediately decided that the reason for my headache was because I was dehydrated.  Ever so carefully I slipped out of bed and to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Within seconds of swallowing some water and an aspirin I found myself running down the hall to throw up.  From that point on I found myself wavering between chills, the urge to throw up, dizziness, and a strong need to go to the bathroom. 

At one point I went out into the backyard and lay on the cement slab in the warm Texas night.  I’d feel a gentle warm breeze caressing me, soothing me.  “God, I feel so bad.  I know I will feel OK soon because I am in your loving arms.”  Another breeze gently calmed me and about ten minutes later I was able to crawl back in bed

Apparently I wasn’t the only one feeling poorly.  Darryl was very disoriented this morning and he also had a headache.  Even Atlas joined the sick parade and threw up all over the floor after eating his food. 

Despite my bout of illness I stepped on the scale for the first time in almost a week and I discovered that I weigh 128.8.  Great! 

I think what I really need to do know is to do my Beth Moore Bible Study so I can get my day back on the right track.

“You have not kept the command which the Lord your God gave you.  It was at this time that the Lord would have permanently established your rein over Israel” 1 Samuel 13:13
A lot can go through your head while you’re waiting.  What are some of the thought that have bombarded you during your latest waiting experiences?

Darryl and I had to live apart for most of the last school year.  We both decided that he should take the job in Texas and I would finish out my school year at Rome. 

At first I was excited about the prospect of moving but once Darryl moved I was vacillating between should I stay or should I go.  This is not to say I wondered if I should leave my husband.  I didn’t have any doubts that we should stay together.  I worried about leaving the school where I had taught for the past seven years and “retire” to a life as a stay-at-home housewife.

Funny how the very thought of it was overwhelming considering how many years I desperately wanted to be a housewife.  How was I going to make friends?  What kind of volunteer work would I do?  When would I get to see the grandkids since I would be moving even further from home?
I’ve decided to put it all in God’s hands and he will help lead me down the path I was meant to take.

What do you think God is most wanting to purge out of us when He forces us to wait on Him?
I HATE waiting!  It makes me feel uncomfortable and in weak moments, doubt rears its ugly head Impatience is a form of laziness. In order for God’s promises to be fulfilled in my life, I need to demonstrate both faith and patience. God is showing me how to not just to wait but also to watch, to keep my eyes on Him and watch Him do something even better than what I was praying for.

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