Monday, January 14, 2013

I Feel A WIN Coming On!!

Here’s a question for my fellow sweepers.  Have you ever entered a sweepstakes or a contest and just knew you were going to win?  This may sound crazy but it’s actually happened to me on more than one occasion.
A few years ago I entered a sweepstakes for a trip to Scotland.  I remember seeing the sweepstakes listed and just as I read the prize I just knew I was going to win it.  I was so certain I actually looked up the hotels that were listed as part of the prize.  Still I was surprised when I actually did win.
Another time I entered a sweepstakes that had a grand prize of a trip to California to meet the star of a show and go on a behind the scenes of the show.  This sounded very exciting.  The only problem was I didn’t read the rules.  Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa.  I was certain I would win but within moments of entering I caught myself felt an urge to go back and actually read the rules.  Turned out the sweepstakes was only for nurses and I am NOT a nurse.  Oh well I said to myself.  I only entered once I probably won’t win. 
Wouldn’t you know it, I did win and I felt like a real fool having to explain that I hadn’t read the rules because there was another sweepstakes for the same prize that didn’t have that stipulation.  The promotion company really was good about it and didn’t give me a lot of grief and even thanked me for my enthusiasm about the show. 
Getting that funny feeling that I’m going to win a particular prize isn’t a new phenomenon for me.   Years ago I remember learning that Phil Collins was coming to concert and one of my favorite stations was giving away skybox tickets to the show every other hour.  I was on the road about an hour and a half and I remember looking at the clock on my dashboard thinking I would arrive at my destination just in time to win.  Believe it or not that’s exactly what happened. 
I drove into the parking lot of my boyfriend’s apartment with the radio station blaring.  I shut off the car and ran up the stairs.  When he opened the door I ran past him and headed for his telephone telling him to turn on the radio as I began to dial.  On the second try the DJ congratulated me and told me I was the winner. 
I wish I could say that every time I enter a sweepstakes I could tell if I were going to win or lose. If that were true I could save myself a lot of time by not entering the sweepstakes I wouldn’t win. 
This Thursday I saw a contest sponsored by Pepsi and I just had this crazy feeling that if I entered I would win.  They were giving away 50 trips for two to New Orleans to participate in the Super Bowl Half Time Show.   To enter, visit the site and follow the directions to upload a photo. The winners were going to be chosen at random.
While I was taking a photo of my foot tapping that funny feeling came back over me.  I felt I was going to win something.  I didn’t want to get too excited but I just couldn’t shake that feeling that I won something.
Two hours later I had a knock on the door.  It was the UPS guy.  I figured it was something my husband ordered but I was wrong.  One of the boxes was something I had ordered with a $25 gift card I had won.  The other one was very light and at first glance a mystery. 
Inside the box was a large white envelope that contained a certificate congratulating me about winning a $100 GC for Dallas Cowboys .  Talk about coincidences.  This must be what  I was expecting.  Mystery solved.

The GC came from a second chance sweep I entered through a scratch-off ticket from the Texas Lottery folks.  That's actually the second time I've won from one of their scratch-off games.  A Redskin's fan myself, I must say I'm probably going to wind up giving this  as a Christmas gift. 

Monday morning I came home from my walk to find a message on my phone.  It was from the people at Pepsi letting me know that I was a potential WINNER.  I will know if I'm a winner once I pass my background check.
So what's included?  Each grand prize includes a trip for two to New Orleans, Louisiana to participate in the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show and attend a private Pepsi Party. The prize includes airfare, hotel, admission to the Super Bowl Half Time Show Practice, Super Bowl Half Time Show, and to the Pepsi Private Party, and $500 spending cash.

Now if I could just have that feeling I'm going to win Powerball. 

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