Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Music Required

In today’s Love Expressed Devotional I found a story that I actually heard about just a couple of weeks ago on the radio. 

A week or so ago a female commentator was sitting in for Sean Hannity and told the story of the acts of remarkable bravery witnessed on The SS Dorchester in 1943.  The story was so incredible I had written myself a note to research it but I just hadn’t had a chance to do so.  Obviously the message is so powerful GOD wanted to make sure I heard it because I needed to hear this story of love in action. 
I’d love to share this story with you today:
Four Chaplains made the supreme sacrifice February 3, 1943 in the sinking of the troopship SS Dorchester in the North Atlantic by a German Submarine. The torpedo knocked out the Dorchester's electrical system, leaving the ship dark. Panic set in among the men on board, many of them trapped below decks. The chaplains sought to calm the men and organize an orderly evacuation of the ship, and helped guide wounded men to safety. As life jackets were passed out to the men, the supply ran out before each man had one. The chaplains removed their own life jackets and gave them to others. They helped as many men as they could into lifeboats, and then linked arms and, saying prayers and singing hymns, went down with the ship

One of the survivors, Grady Clark testified “As I swam away from the ship, I looked back. The flares had lighted everything. The bow came up high and she slid under. The last thing I saw, the Four Chaplains were up there praying for the safety of the men. They had done everything they could. I did not see them again. They themselves did not have a chance without their life jackets.”

GOD expressed his love in the giving of his only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die in our place to pay the judgment on our sin so that he can give us a total pardon and complete forgiveness.  Once we accept God's forgiveness, God removes our sins and sets free. We no longer have to pay the judgment price for our sins.
Christians have been tortured and martyred throughout history. Even today Christians in other countries are being persecuted and killed. What are we willing to do for the cause of Christ?

If we are really willing to sacrifice ourselves for GOD, we will see spirtual renewal in our own life, our family, our church, and our nation.  Renewal MUST begin with us. 
Be the one to lead the way – through prayer, through Bible study, through spiritual renewal. Set your love in action Let your life and your worship be more than just words.

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