Sunday, January 6, 2013

Love Expressed

Today began the Love Expressed 21 Day Fast.  Pastor Roberts said that we should fast in the way GOD tells us.  I really put some thought into this but after I saw that my sister-in-law was going to take a break from social media I got the idea that I should take a break from Starbucks. 
Sounds dumb I know but it’s a big thrill for me to go to Starbucks every weekend and watch them make my Green Tea  frappucchino.  It’s not just about stopping for some frilly drink rather it’s the culture of Starbucks. 

When I walk into a Starbucks I listen to the trendy, soothing music, friendly baristas wait to make my tasty drink and the pastry case offers me many tempting options.  It’s definitely my selfish pleasure and in the spirit of love expressed I chose to give it up until January 27th.
Today’s “Love Expressed” devotional reminds us that people are designed to worship. The question is whom or what are you worshiping?  When we refuse to worship God we don’t stop worshiping. Instead, we put other “gods” in His place.  These other “gods” can include anything from money and power to love.  Be assured that worshiping anything other than the true God Himself will destroy you.

What does it mean to worship? 
The English word "worship" is derived from Old English worthscipe, meaning "worthiness" or "worth-ship." So in its simplest concept, worship is to give worth to something.  Perhaps we can summarize it by saying that worship is giving worthiness to the One who alone is all worthy, as an attitude of the heart, led by the Spirit and grounded in the Truth.
How should we worship GOD? 

When we worship GOD we need to give ourselves to him completely.   This means we need to give him our hearts, minds, hands, thoughts, and attitudes.  We truly worship him when  we  give up control of these things and turn them over to Him.

If we love God, we do what He says. Doing what He says is all about His word, His command, and better stated, His truth.  So express your love today and worship. 

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