Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unhinging Your Heart

 It’s Day 4 In the Love Expressed Devotional and today’s topic is about worshiping with passion. 
When we gather together as those who have been brought out of death to life by Jesus Christ, there is a reason to shout and praise God!  God uses worship to transform lives, heal wounded souls, renew hope, shape decisions, provoke change, inspire compassion, and bind people to one another.
Worship is more than music… worship is a lifestyle that honors our God who has saved us from death and released us to give back to Him a sacrifice of praise!
Let us gather in worship celebration as a way of loving God back. Be sure to bring eagerness, expectancy and commitment to GOD.  Examine your life and ask God to reveal anything that might be hindering your passion or intimacy with Him. GOD deserves nothing less than the overflow of our hearts!

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