Thursday, January 3, 2013

Melissa Dilan-Hernandez - None Of This Is My Fault

When viewing Melissa Dilan-Hernandez it is easy to see how she tends use passive aggressive behaviors to manipulate others. 
When confronted with behaviors that put her in a negative light she seeks to deflect attention away from the real issue because she fears direct confrontation about the real problem so she can assure herself that SHE is not at fault. 
When I attempted to communicate with her on TWITTER 30-year-old Melissa continually shifted the blame for the pregnancy and her inappropriate relationship with a young man who was 15-year-old as something that was beyond her control.
On the Dr. Phil show entitled “In Love & Illegal” Melissa whines that she doesn't think what she did was wrong and that she feels "attacked."
"I feel so much pressure. I am not a pedophile. I want people to know who I am. I'm not a bad person," she said.
Now the fame-whore has decided to release a statement on WikiBios as well as a new blog devoted exclusively to try to air the minutia of her  relationship with this boy in an attempt to discredit him. The problem is that DNA doesn't lie.  Her daughter was fathered by a minor and there's nothing that can change this. This means even if every word that falls from his mouth was a lie he's not lying about the act for which she was charged.
She was obviously very hurt when TJ placed an ad on Craig’s List looking for love.  It is also bothered her that he posted a NEW ad on Craig's List in January. 
Once again Melissa uses this to PROVE he’s a liar. She insists that he was only seventeen when he posted his first ad.  This was true but since he did turn eighteen within days of the post, I’m not certain that this makes such a difference.   
Then after some not too complimentary comments on You-Tube by a poster going by the name “nany-braun” Melissa deleted her comments from You-Tube and put out yet ANOTHER release.  I’m breathless as I try desperately to understand the mindset of this wanna-be reality TV star believes that what she has to say requires an official release. 

Let's face it.  The real victim in all of this is the child that was conceived by two people who lack the ability to make rational decision.  
Trial is set for Melissa Dilan-Hernandez on January 17, 2013.

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