Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Her Day Three - What Am I doing?

The line for the registration desk was long. I realized too that I should have had my breakfast with the others but the siren song of cheesecake had been too strong to resist.

I love the blogher site and they seem to be supportive. I'm still trying to figure out how to get a review or a giveaway but then again, I suppose I should READ more about it. It just seems like everyone else my life is so overwhelming right now. I know if I said something to Darryl, he'd say "If it really meant that much to you then you'd....." He's right. I keep saying I will soon and I'm hoping that BlogHer will be the thing that motivates me to do that.

When I got to the head of the line I was handed my lanyard, badge, and another swag bag. While not as large as the first it did require me to take the bag upstairs so I wouldn’t be toting it around throughout the day.

I had planned to participate in the Speed Dating Blogher Style but once I’d signed in and dropped off my stuff at my room I realized I was already twenty minutes late. I didn’t think it would be good idea to come to an event like that one late.

The first Break-Out Session didn’t start until 10:30 so I thought that my time might be well spent getting a jump on the exhibits before it got too crowded. So down to the exhibits I went with business cards in hand.

Over the years I have gone to various trade shows. Usually I have won tickets to them from local radio station. I'd go to boat shows, camper shows, women's shows, home shows, and I go from booth to booth checking them out grabbing free pencils and pens to take to school. When Darryl had his own business I had to work in his booth at a trade show. We gave out literature and told people about our product So trade shows are not something foreign to me.

What was different was the general atmosphere. The first booth I walked up to was the Suave booth. “Would you like to schedule a session with one of our hair dressers?”

My first thought? Cost of course. Remember I’m uber cheap so cost immediately sprang to my mind and of course I asked. “Cost? It’s free. We want to talk to you about Suave Hair Care products.” I made an appointment for the next morning right after breakfast. They then handed me some sample deodorant and a matching body spray. Hey that’s just like Bath and Body Works. I was so deep in the fog that these Beverly Hills hair dressers were going to do my hair I almost forgot to hand them my card and tell them why Suave was a good fit for my readers.

With each booth I visited I was greeted with a smile and almost always with a sample and a smile. Did I want to test drive a car? Did I want to try our new snack? Would you like us to take your photo? I met the laundry fairies and the Michelin Man. I wandered around in an almost dream-like state. For a girl who grew up poor and lived on the margins for years this was almost like being a celebrity.

It appears I was sucked up in a time warp where time did not seem to exist so I almost didn’t realize that it was time for lunch. I dug out my agenda and read that I needed to find my blogging flock over lunch. I headed upstairs to dump off my swag and then on to the Ragu Lunch.

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