Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh How Cool A UFO

I used to live about fifteen minutes from Kings Dominion. We had season passes for the park for years. I thought this was an interesting video.

There has been way too much drama on my poor little site lately. It all began when Farrah died. I had written about how sad that made me and suddenly the traffic on my blog went through the roof. I could scarcely believe it. Most of the people visiting were visiting that one post.

I added two readers to New Day New Page and really that surprised me. I wasn't sure what I had to offer anyone on this site let alone new readers. Still that was pretty exciting.

Darryl and I were very busy and I was falling behind on my posts. There had been a post that I had wanted to make because the story was compelling and I had gone back and forth about posting it. Finally I posted it the other day. I had originally just had one part of it but I began writing about what I saw in the story. I didn't know any of the participants but it seemed to me to be a sad story all the way around.

Who knew that this one story would actually draw several people from other states that I didn't know. One of these people decided to create a blogger account and then post a comment on my blog. Wow, that's a lot of work. The person who made the comment was upset that I posted the story and that would have made me rethink about whether or not I should have posted the story to begin with.

I thought about responding to her post and leaving them both up but then I felt the whole thing would result in a war of words. I decided to move the original post so that way the poster could feel that maybe I heard what they said. Case closed one would think. After all what is a compelling story to me is a tragedy to another family. What surprised me most was that after two days of posting, despite the fact that I'd already taken down the original story. She wrote me an email today so I suppose the posting is over now.

If you will notice I changed the address for this site. It was about time because it only makes sense that my blog should have the title in its address.

Anyway I hope to finish up some back posts and get back to the business of blogging. In the mean time make the most of this new day while I exist in cyberspace on a new page.

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