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McNair's Death A Homicide -

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Here's the latest on the death of Steve McNair and his girlfriend Sahel Kazemi. I'll admit when I first heard that a former football player was found dead with an "unidentified" woman the first thing I thought about was drugs.

I didn't even know anything about the player but it's just that the story of "former" fill-in-the-blank often seems to take a sad spin in the drug zone. I think I thought the woman was his wife. Then I heard more about the identity of the woman but not the condition of the bodies I wondered if this was a tragic incident of jealousy. I wrongly assumed that McNair shot the woman. Shows just how wrong you can be when you assume.

The reason I thought McNair had killed her was because statistically it's usually the male who turns to violence if a woman leaves before he wants her to leave. We could argue that he had everything to live for why would he kill her? We only have to think back to an incident that happened down in NC. Does anyone remember Rae Carruth? His girlfriend was pregnant and he played a role in her execution style murder. So I don't think that I was shooting in the dark (sorry for the pun) on this one.

As I said I was wrong and it looks as though Steve McNair was the murder victim. Metro police have said that McNair was found sitting on the sofa, shot several times. Kazemi was lying on the floor with a single gunshot to the head and a pistol near her body.

McNair met her at the Dave & Busters and chatting her up. They exchanged phone numbers and started dating from there. Here's a surprise. McNair, a married man told her that he was in the process of divorcing. She probably believed everything he said. She not only believed he was getting a divorce but he was going to marry her. Of course Davidson County's court records shows there is no divorce pending. As Gomer Pyle would say "Su-prise, Su-prise, Su-prise."

For her 20th birthday in late May, McNair got Sahel Kazemi a black Cadillac Escalade. This is the same vehicle that she was driving when she was charged with driving under the influence and refusing to take a breath test two days ago.
Pretty heady stuff for a young girl to be taken on trips to Key West in Florida, Las Vegas, California, Hawaii and McNair's farm in Mississippi. She was living in a dream world and the crash back to earth must have really been difficult for this young woman. However was it difficult enough to kill someone? Perhaps so. Some people are also speculating that perhaps her former boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, might have killed them both.

After my big failure to come to a logical conclusion on this case after receiving only limited information I'm going to hold my opinion now. If pushed I would say it's a murder suicide much as I said before except this time I would identify the young lady as the murderer. The police, however, have not yet identified her as the killer. We shall see.

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