Friday, January 14, 2011

Can You Say Thank God It's Friday When Friday Is A Snow Day?

As crazy as it may seem, we are on day five of our snow vacation. That's right, I said DAY FIVE. This of course leads to our three day weekend.

Darryl was not so lucky because he and all the twelve month employees all had to show up to work on time today. I suppose that's in order to get the schools ready for school on Tuesday.

I was alerted yesterday of my first real win of the year. I won the DVD Day & Night and now I have to print out the AFFY and send it back in. I did receive three coupons for soft drinks from the Einstein Bagels sweep but since there are no Einstein Bagels nearby I didn't really consider them a win.

Today was a pretty uneventful day but it did give me time to download photos and upload videos. I also wrote an article for the school paper.

With Darryl at work I alone am the master of the TV and I'm not forced to watch American Dad or Family Guy.

I did venture out into the real world today and headed over to Kroger. I needed some more paper towels and of course that required the purchase of a Nonfat Venti Green Tea Latte with No Foam from Starbucks.

Liddy Dog seems to be doing better. There were no puddles for me to clean but his bed was slightly wet. He's been leaking in his sleep for awhile now so this is not a new occurrence. I'm hoping these meds he's on will help him.

His eyes appear to be doing much better and his face has returned to his original magnificence.

Atlas is still flying around the house and ready to take on Mr. Raccoon at the drop of a hat. Big Dog generally ignores him but he and Liddy Dog are still very close.

As for school updates here's what I've heard. Floyd County schools will not have to make any of these snow days. RCS will continue in our tradition of excellence and they will take away our winter break as well as two day of our Spring Break.

You heard that right RCS Superintendent said two days in February, one in March and two days of spring break will be used to make up the five days missed this week because of winter weather. He said even if state officials allow school systems a waiver for the required number of school days this year, the classroom time is too important to skip the makeup days.

“It’s a nice gesture, but you have to teach the content,” said Dr. C. “You can’t get the job done unless you’re in class with the children.”

Dr. Csaid teachers plan their curriculum with a specific number of school days in mind, and they need that prescribed number of days to make sure students are learning and are prepared for annual state testing.

AMEN Brother AMEN!!!

As I said before, I heard that many of the schools closer into Atlanta would not be making up the days because state law allows for schools to use up to four days without having to make them up in case of emergency. I could have bet the house that we would have to make those days up which is why I didn't really want them off. This is why I personally couldn't wait to go back. I would rather have had the days off when the weather was nicer.

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