Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today is 1/11/11

Today is January 11, 2011 and once again, today is snow day part deux and while no significant snow has fallen today, there has been some frozen precipitation on and off today.

In the further adventures of Atlas vs snow, today Atlas learned that while he is light enough to walk on top of the ice encrusted snow, stopping can be hazardous. Every Time he stopped he would sink all the way through the snow which would then cause him to panic.

All is not well in the dog department here. My sixteen year old cocker has been having incontinence problems lately but today he has a bloody tinge to his urine. Since our vet is closed today due to snow we will have to take her soon. I'm very afraid she will have to get put down. She has already lost her hearing and she sleeps away a great deal of the day away.

It would be so sad to have to say good-bye to my faithful friend Liddy Dog. I found him at the animal shelter in Newport News, Virginia and when they took him out of the cage I swear I was in love.

I noticed he walked with a very noticeable limp and it turned out the reason was he was born without one of his front paws. Oh it's still there it's just barely developed and located right under his knee joint. I had to have him because I was certain he would not be adopted otherwise.

Once we arrived home he made himself at home and began following me around and acted like a prima donna. My bed become his bed. My couch became his couch. He was a one spoiled young man coming in and it hasn't changed since.

When he first arrived he only moved if I moved butif I tried to take him for a walk outside he refused to walk any further than a half a block. This would then require me to carry him home. Trust me I got lecture after lecture about that. Still he seemed to relish the opportunity to see and be seen on our little walks. After awhile, he was able to actually walk three blocks both ways.

He will always be my liddy dog. I wish I could take him to the vet right now.


I just checked the Rome News Tribune to learn that there will be no school tomorrow. I find that truly amazing.

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