Thursday, January 20, 2011

Century of Self 2

I've been sucked further down the rabbit hole with this video. That's because while you are watching, you learn about something which then requires you to find out more about that.

While I do remember learning that housewives did not originally buy into the idea of using convenience food like cake mix because they felt guilty about contributing virtually nothing to the cake making process.

In order to enjoy the emotional rewards of presenting a homemade cake, they had to be persuaded that they had really baked it, and such an illusion was impossible to maintain if they did virtually nothing. "This is typical of what the average housewife said: 'Yes, I'm using a cake mix; it saves me a lot of trouble but I really shouldn't,'"

While watching the video I learned about the book The Hidden Persuaders and now I'm on a mission to read this book so I can get the answers to these burning questions:

why some children's TV shows take swipes at parents
why men think of a mistress when they see a convertible in a show window
why automobiles get longer and longer

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