Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's All Over But The Melting

Finally the sun was smiling down upon us and began to chase away the remains the snow storm that happened almost a week ago.

Everywhere there is water. Water dripping, water running, and water pooling it makes shoes muddy and carpets dirty.

Darryl woke up with a headache today and then asked if we could go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Two of my former students work there and as always I inquired about the college progress.

I make sure that they know that the Hope Scholarship is facing serious difficulties and may wind up on the chopping block before you know it. That's because in the past year governing officials have had to turn to the state’s reserve fund in order to pay for the program and keep it running. But as with any reserve and now that the money has run out it looks like cutting the program may be the only answer.

I did select a winner for my giveaway with Cynthia Ann and I contacted my winner by email. I hope the winner checks her email so I can give her info to Cynthia.

I finally decided to stop the insanity of my recent eating habits. I had kept my weight down under 130 for quite some time but now it just doesn't seem like I can keep my eating in check and I'm certainly not eating like I used to.

I've decided to return to doing exercise videos and in doing so I decided to see if I could revisit to exercise buddies. The first one being Jane Fonda. I know, I know, but her exercise video was all the rage back in the 80's and I used it to help lose weight and get toned after I gave birth to my youngest son.

I did the workout every day and actually began to feel as though some of the other women on the video were my compatriots. I was so lonesome at the time I wished that I could have actually afforded to be in an aerobic class and made friends with these women or women like them. How's that for sad.

After a quick search of the web, I did find a copy but it was a VHS AND it was going for $159. WHAT???? Forget that.

I then decided to revisit another old friend, Richard Simmons. Before I got married the first time, my best friend and her sister used to workout with the Richard Simmons television show.

Not only did I never watch him but I just didn't get it. I believe it was a matter of me not knowing how much I didn't know.

Carolyn and her sister were all set to watch the show and he seemed to spend a lot of time reminding us to breathe. I didn't feel all that direction was necessary and I remember rolling my eyes. Add to that I always associated Richard Simmons with trying to SAVE fat people. I just never saw myself as one of those obese people he was called upon to save on various shows.

Then about twelve years ago I had begun to put on a great deal of weight. I weighed almost 160 pounds which is about what I weighed when I gave birth to my sons.

I was unmotivated, I ate too much, and to make matters worse I was depressed.

Then one day I checked out Richard Simmon's Disco Sweat from the library in Newport News. I can't begin to tell you why because I just couldn't imagine myself working out with Mr. Happy Pants. I made the commitment to do the workout once and I suddenly found myself actually exercising again.

I know have it as a DVD. I decided to stop my backwards slide into weight gain and I ordered two new Richard Simmons DVDs to help mix things up and get back on track.

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