Friday, January 14, 2011

CTAE Learning Today Earning Tomorrow

I was so excited when I won this contest just before Christmas. When they say it is better to give than to receive they were absolutely correct. I was thrilled to be able to go from class to class to deliver breakfast to all my co-workers at RHS.

Recently, the RHS CTAE Department was recognized by WLAQ for their hard work and dedication with Breakfast from Hardees.

Many students and parents are not familiar with the rewards of CTAE programs, however, now more than ever, CTAE programs are needed to help ensure the strength of our workforce, global competiveness and the economic health of our nation.

That’s because CTAE students are generally more motivated and interested in their coursework because of its connection to the real world and, as a result, less likely to dropout. In a recent report for the Gates Foundation, the majority of respondents (81%) reported that more learning opportunities which make the classroom relevant to the real world would have helped them to finish high school.

Did you know that a 2002 study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago found that a year of technically oriented coursework at a community college increased the earnings of men by 14% and women by 29%? .

Thanks to the Bridge program CTAE students at RHS are making the shift from high school senior to college freshman. Students can take advantage of dual enrollment and joint enrollment.

If you are interested in learning more about the great opportunities that await you in CTAE, please ask your Guidance Counselor or a CTAE teacher today.

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