Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Snow Day Trifecta

Today is our third snow day. While there was some very icy patches we did manage to take Liddy Dog to the Vet.

It appears he has a bladder infection and that's what causing the blood in the urine and the incontinence. The Vet also says my Liddy boy has cataracts in his right eye and he has signs that his left eye isn't doing so hot either. Since he's already deaf, things don't look well for my baby. The Vet says these are all signs of aging and with him being 16 years old he's obviously no longer a pup.

We now have to give him two different eye drops AND some medicine and we will have to bring him back in about a week. I was so very worried that we might have to put him down but we've invested in his future with over $500 worth of medical bills to show for it. He's worth that much and more to me because I love him and I always have.

Meanwhile, our little buddy Atlas has managed to absolutely destroy his racoon doll...I mean action figure. The racoon was one of the first things I bought him so he would have a toy that squeeks. I was told that miniature pinchsers love squeek toys. The tag on the toy guaranteed it was safe for the dog so we bought it thinking he would just love it.

At first he was terrified of the racoon and would refuse to go anywhere near the thing even to the point of refusing to step foot into the room if he could see the doll on the floorr.

It took a few weeks but out of nowhere he was decided this doll is the best thing since dog treats. He tosses it in the air, thrashes it about, gnaws on it with impunity.

Today he has managed to remove Mr. Racoon's eye. Thank Goodness it wasn't some button eye or he certainly would have choked. We had to then remove the stuffing that he was already beginning to pull from Mr Racoon's head wound.

After the trip to the Vet we headed out to drop off some books at the library. I finished Katie Up and Down the Hall. It was a good book and of course the fact that we both love(d) our cockers really touched a chord for me.

Darryl took me to CiCi's for lunch today because you can buy a drink for $2.99 and get the pizza bar free. Not a bad deal. During lunch the Superintendent of Schools contacted Darryl to say that we would probably wind up going to school two hours late.

I was actually fine with this. Staying home is much better when it's not so darned cold outside.

I had already made up my mind to call my contact person on the phone tree that we would be going in at 10AM but I was going to wait until I saw it in the Rome News Tribune.

Well it turns out that a call did need to be made but that call was to tell M. that there will be NO school tomorrow.

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