Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Nightmare Edition Of Ground Hogs Day


Here's an update on that homicide in Middletown, Maryland. Last night when my husband and I were watching the news and the story of this horrific murder/suicide came on we both looked at each other. It was like we were living in the movie Ground Hogs Day gone wrong. Instead of a man trying to better his life after living the same day over and over we were witness to scenes like this over and over and over again with no way to change the outcome.

The name of the community was familiar because it was just outside of Frederick, Maryland. When I was doing my student teaching I taught in Thurmont, Maryland and I had to drive near or through Middletown, Maryland. Back then, as I would wind my way through places like Boonsboro I would often think to myself what a beautiful area this was. People would commute from Frederick to DC or Baltimore and come home to a rural area where life was far less hectic than a drive on the Beltway.

When we first heard the story the announcer had said the victims were shot to death and I tried to imagine how someone could actually do such a thing. I learned later taht he actually brutally stabbed his family. This, as anyone in law enforcement would tell you, is an even more personal way of killing. You cann shoot someone and be detached from the situation but stabbing requires you to position yourself close to the victim and often repeat the action over and over. It became an even more unfathomable crime to me. Stabbing a two year old?

Wood left five separate suicide notes to family members, scattered about the house. One said he was having psychological problems and taking medication, Jenkins said. Wood was also in debt, and investigators were exploring that as a possible motive. In at least one note, Wood apologized, the sheriff said. Well I guess that makes it OK now doesn't it?

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