Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Any Given Day - Part One


During the school week you can almost always follow my schedule to the minute. I sometimes think of it as the part of Cheech and Chong’s Sister Mary Elephant skit where the student reads his essay about his summer vacation.

Yes. Read your essay, please!

Uh, I don`t have it finished yet.

Well then, read what you have, young man!

Okay. The first day on my vacation, what I did on my summer vacation, the first day on my vacation, I woke up. Then, I went downtown to a quiet job. Then I hung out in front of the drugstore. The second day on my summer vacation, I woke up, then I went downtown to look for a job. Then I hung out in front of the drugstore. The third day on my summer vacation, I woke up...

Now that`s fine, young man!

...Then I went downtown to look for a job...

Now that`s fine, young man!

...Then I got a job, keeping people from here and out in front of the drugstore. The fourth day on my...

Young man? Young man? Young man!? SHUT UP!!!!! Thank you.

For me, my day begins right around 5 in the morning or so. I take the dogs out to do their business while I fill their bowls with food and water. I must be prepared to open the door, treat in hand, or a look of what can only be interpreted as disappointment comes across the big dog’s face.

Only after the dogs are taken care of can I pop the top of my MUST HAVE, caffeinated soda. I can almost feel the caffeine as it begins to course through my veins trying to circulate through my clouded sleep addled mind.

I fix something to eat. Since I go through over kill phases of eating the same food, I throw a bagel into the microwave by rote. No thought process involved. No decision making to think of. What’s for breakfast? Oh, I know, bagel with cream cheese.

I walk into the dining room and flip on the news and it’s Murder, Mayhem, and Piracy on the side. If it bleeds it leads. I stare blankly at the screen and for a few seconds as the buzzer on the microwave cuts through my morning grog. If I wasn’t hungry before I am now. I’m like Pavlov’s dog. The bell has rung and it’s time to eat.

I come back to the table and turn on my laptop. With bagel in one hand I check two of my email accounts. Some of the email accounts get checked once a month and another gets checked once a week. I scan the subjects hoping for the words “Winner” or “Congratulations”. Instead my boxes seem perpetually filled with emails promising to make me bigger and last longer. This is not to say that I don’t also receive emails that do congratulate me for being a winner. The problem is that usually these emails come to me from Kenya and tell me that my email was randomly selected and I won millions of pounds. All I have to do is let them know my name, address, and social security number and they will send me the money.

This morning I notice that I actually did win a couple of things. It’s been a few weeks since I have and I’m thrilled to hear the great news. One of the prizes is a $30 Pizza Hut gift card which is great because that means Darryl and I can eat out a few times this month. The other prize will help us wash our second story windows and I was hoping I would win that too.

Once I’ve checked my email I head over to www.thriftymaven.com. I check the web for any last minute freebies for Tax Day that I may have missed. Still disappointed to see that neither Starbucks nor Krispy Kreme are giving ANYTHING away. I type up my findings and locate and appropriate picture. Then it’s off to Twitter where I tweet about my tax freebie article using both my ThriftyMaven account and my teechbiz account. Then it’s off to Digg.

I really didn’t know if anyone found my site from that site. I hoped they did but I just didn’t know. Trust Darryl to be able to tell where my readers were coming from. I noticed that some people actually came from the Digg site to mine. I also noticed that I now have someone following my Digg posts. I didn’t even know people did that. This means that posting a Digg about my article is a MUST.

Not finished yet though because now it’s on to StumbleUpon. This is a pretty easy site to post a link to your article but still all of this posting takes time.
Since I woke up this morning earlier, trust me not on purpose, I should have had an hour and a half before my shower to get my contests done but no such luck. I check the clock and realize that I only have a half an hour maybe to enter sweeps before I head back upstairs for my shower.

So over to Online-Sweepstakes I go. Being a creature of habit I glance at the forums. Some headlines catch my eye but there’s no time for that now. I want to click on each link and read what people have to say but I just know that the sands of the hour glass are slipping through faster than usual.

End Part One. Come back tommorrow to find out the way I enter contests.

Blog Contests I entered:

Prize: Twilight DVD and popcorn from Shmoop.

Prize: Disneynature Earth-branded prize pack with canvas tote, reusable grocery bag, biodegradable tumbler, tree seedling, and more.

Prizes (3): Yogurt, water bottle, pedometer, kitchen scale and fitness journal.

Prize: Kodak ESP 7 inkjet printer (ARV $199.99).

Prize: Alex top and Andy dress from Trove (ARV $240).

Prize: $100 Men's Wearhouse gift certificate.

Prizes (3): Coupon good for one 100 oz. or smaller size bottle of Gain laundry detergent.

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