Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On Any Given Day - Part Two


So over to Online-Sweepstakes I go. Being a creature of habit I glance at the forums. Some headlines catch my eye but there’s no time for that now. I want to click on each link and read what people have to say but I just know that the sands of the hour glass are slipping through faster than usual.

Even the way I enter contests has certain sameness about it. I always enter the contests that are going to end that day. Well not every one of them. I don’t end the single entry ones. I usually enter those when they are first posted. Then I enter the daily sweeps that end tomorrow. The daily sweeps that enter the day after tomorrow are the last ones I enter that are getting ready to end.

The next round of entries is from my mysweeps part of Online-Sweepstakes. I enter the dailies, well daily. I believe I have about twenty five of them. Some people get really in to making all the dailies with any kind of good prize part of their mysweeps dailies. I just put the ones I’m truly interested in. Things that are life changing to me, like a trip to France, $500,000, or a trip to Sandals. I do have one 24 Hour Sweep under Mysweeps but I enter it when I think of it throughout the week or I just enter it on the weekends. I only enter my weekly Mysweeps on Sundays. I enter my monthly Mysweeps on the first day of the month or at least by the first Sunday of the month.

Most mornings I try to get these done before I shower and if not by then definitely by the time I leave for school. Lately, with all the twittering and digging I am lucky to get the sweeps that are ending that day.

I shower, dress, apply a scant bit of make-up, and then rush downstairs to make sure the dogs go out to do their business. Sometimes the little dog needs coaching. Translate this to mean, holding a small treat just beyond his snout as I walk out backwards with him in hot pursuit of the treat. After receiving his treat he seeks out a piece of ground worth of receiving his excrement. Now mind you this can be a mind-numbing feet of patience meets persistence. It does eventually happen though and then it’s back into the house we go.

Once back in the house, I maybe have ten minutes to enter a couple of more sweeps before I have to dash out the door. That is I might have it if the dogs go right upstairs so I can keep them in the room with Darryl before I leave.

Now here's some amazing news. I have been working so hard on and today I got some great news. I've had 1,320 viewers to my site over the past 24 hours. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

I won another blog contes. I received an email that says: Congratulations! You won the Sesame Street Being Green DVD from The Full Mommy.

And now here are the blog contests I've won:

Prizes (4): Sun & Earth cleaning products basket (ARV $150).

Win a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk High School.

Prize: Sterling silver heart pendant.

Prizes (2): BeautyName necklace.

Prizes (5): Beverly Hills 90210: The Seventh Season DVD.

Prize: Eglan diaper bag (ARV $130).

Prize: Pink sapphire and diamond bracelet.

Prize: $25 Plum Island Cookie Company gift certificate good towards 1-cookie Sand Dollar party favors.

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