Saturday, April 18, 2009

Police: Father Kills Wife, Three Children Before Committing Suicide in Maryland Home


When will all of this ever end. We don't know what the cause of this tragedy was but I have a sinking suspicion the husband lost his job. If not then the wife was getting ready to leave him.

Authorities say a couple and their three children have been found dead in a Maryland home in an apparent murder-suicide.

Frederick County sheriff's office spokeswoman Jennifer Bailey said 34-year-old Christopher Alan Wood died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. She said his 33-year-old wife, Francis, and their three children had suffered "traumatic cuts," but the causes of their deaths hasn't been confirmed.

Two boys ages 5 and 4 were found in their beds, and a 2-year-old girl was found with the mother in the master bedroom. The father's body was also in the master bedroom.

Can you imagine killing your two year old? How can you look in the eyes of your four year old and shoot him? What could a five year old do that was so bad that you could execute him?

Let's get off this topic because it bothers the heck out of me. Today was the yard sale. We made about $300. Yippeee!!!!!!! Here's the craziest thing. I had some unopened bags of kotex and tampons. I was trying to pay attention to people as they were coming but at one point a woman carrying a baby came up with her friend. I want to say they were in their early twenties. At the same time they came a group of four young Hispanic males came to the yard sale. I looked up towards my husband to ask how much the refrigerator was selling for. We were still in the process of setting up so I didn't know. Then the young woman with the baby kind of stayed in front of me but her friend went behind me and grabbed something else asking how much that was. It was $1. She put it down and then walked back to her friend. The both walked away together not buying anything.

Fine now that's OK. No problem. The problem was I looked down a few minutes later and I noticed that one of the bags of kotex had been torn open and they stole a pad out of the package. She didn't even bother to steal the whole bag just one pad. I was and am still fuming about it. How insulting. I just couldn't imagine doing that. OK maybe she's poor. Well gee maybe I have an unemployed husband and I'm having to sell our stuff to help support a husband and father-in-law. Maybe if she said, "He I can't afford to buy this $1 bag of Kotex but I really need one, MAYBE I would have just given her the whole stinking package. I'm not heartless but COME ON what's up with that?

I had about 192 visitors to today. I also got two more registered users. Now that's good news. I also had someone buy a product that advertised on my site so I earned a whole 50 cents. Imagine that!

Here are a couple of blog contests I entered today:

Prizes (5): Two copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling.

Prize: Disneynature Earth canvas tote, reusable grocery bag, biodegradable tumbler and tree seedling.

Prize: Disneynature Earth canvas tote, reusable grocery bag, biodegradable tumbler and tree seedling.

Prize: Customized copper Mother’s Day necklace.

Prize: Motorola MotoNav TN30 GPS navigation system (ARV $279.99).

Prizes (3): Box of Finish Quantum and bottle of Jet-Dry Turbo Dry.

Prize: PUR Water Filtration System Flavor Options pitcher.

Prize: You Color My Day book from Snapfish.

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