Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Killed By Mom's Boyfriend

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It is a Mother's worse nightmare. Her baby was killed by the man she was dating. The boyfriend is being charged with rape and murder of the eight month old baby.

The 17 year old had a lengthy criminal history with arrests for possession of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana, obscenity, battery on a correctional officer, three counts of battery on a school teacher, three counts of theft, illegal carrying of a weapon and assault. I know some people would say, well you can't judge someone based on the criminal record but I think I would be very hesitant to bring entrust someone with an obvious anger problem with my child.

Officers were called to an apartment on Gary Court where an infant, Da-Von Lonzo, was unresponsive, Fortunato said. The baby was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead

Does this mean the Mom deserved what happened? Absolutely not. The child did not deserve this. What we do have to ask is why this young man was not either receiving some kind of treatment for what's wrong with him and/or why is he not incarcerated? I realize I'm much older than my husband but MY GOD he wasn't a seventeen year old KID when I was dating him. He was a grown man with a Master's Degree in Engineering so he wasn't some babe in the woods.

After an autopsy on the child, the Coroner’s Office classified the infant’s death as a homicide, following evidence that the child had fractures consistent from a beating, Fortunato said.

A 17-year-old man, Arnold Ross, Terrytown, who claimed to be the boyfriend of Lonzo’s 34-year-old mother, told detectives that the infant fell down the stairs, Fortunato said.

After questioning by detectives, Ross admitted to beating the child. The child began “defecating on himself,” at which point Ross stuck his finger in the child’s rectum to try and clean him, deputies said.

Today there was no new word from the sponsors so I'm figuring they've read my new email and it's all cleared up. Most of the rest of the day was spent running errands. We got my tire plugged and we worked more on the garden.

Today I received Season 4 of the Hills. I won it but Darryl says I need to give it away in a blog contest. He's always wanting to giveaway everything I win.

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