Friday, June 19, 2009

When You're Not Working,

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Every day is the weekend so Friday isn't such a big deal. I worked a bit more on ThriftyMaven. I have a big post tomorrow. It's the big "What To Do On Father's Day" post. I did a lot of research. I think it will be a great post. So far about 120 people have entered my $100 Home Depot Gift Card contest on ThriftyMaven. That's good but most of them are not from OLS. More of them are from Refund Cents than anything else.

Now here's a couple of those behind the blog stories. When I started getting all these entries for the giveaway I got a spammer. They tried to post something about "watching a B$&!# taking it up the ARSE." The ARSE????? Uh I know what that means but who says that exactly? No one over here that I know probably someone from Europe. They have a few ARSES over there. Not that we don't have our own share here but we call them something else.

The CRAZY Pizza lady wrote four more times!!!!!!!!! Four more times. First she starts out accusing me of "Ripping her off" because she didn't get FREE Pizza. I'm not giving away free pizza. I didn't charge her for the pizza, so how in the HELL did I rip her off exactly? I just don't know. For two days now it's been back and forth with me requesting that she gets a pizza coupon from the original offer. I went to all the trouble of spelling out just exactly how her screen should look. I did everything except for driving over to her house, holding her hand and clicking the damn link.

Each time I responded to her I said "This is the last time." Wouldn't you know the teacher in me refused to say just give up. I just couldn't get it in my head that she just would never catch on. So I requested the coupon, sent it to my email and forwarded that email to her. I knew the coupon was embedded in the email so this time I knew she would get it because she responded back to all my other emails. She wrote me back. Finally she said she didn't see it in her email. This was different than all her other emails when she insisted over and over again that she never received the email. So I had to go into a step by step on how to use the SHOW IMAGE link on her email.

When Darryl interviewed on Monday the company seemed very interested. The Head Hunter told Darryl that they really wanted to have a second interview with him. Now as each second drags on we wait to hear when they will be calling him. For all I know they have decided not to fill the position. So then we are backed to square one then.

What's going on here, the email, the contest, Darryl's interview, is nothing compared with what's going on in Iran. In Iran an uprising that I haven't seen since 1979 has erupted. The election is disputed and people are risking their lives to protest the outcome. All day clips show guards that swoop down on protesters and protesters who have been shot. These videos are taken by cell phones and when they are sent out the person who transmits the image puts themselves at risk.

Amateur video showed dozens of Iranians running down a street after police fired tear gas at them. Shouts of "Allahu Akbar!" — "God is Great" — could be heard on the video, which could not be independently verified.

Helicopters hovered, ambulances raced through the streets and black smoke rose over the city.

The witnesses told The Associated Press that between 50 and 60 protesters were hospitalized after beatings by police and pro-government militia. People could be seen dragging away comrades bloodied by baton strikes.

I ask myself, would we Americans put our lives at risk? Would we turn off "American Idol, stop playing video games, and could we turn off the rap music, if that's what we needed to do to save our country?" Are we so much the "sheeple" that we will stand blindly by while our country is turning a blind eye to its people?

Do I want a revolution? Do I want to see bloodshed? No I absolutely remember the protests of the sixties. My Dad was a cop in DC during the DC riots neighborhoods burned and some people died. I would never want to see such a thing again. It was a tragic time for our country. Who knew a peace movement could be surrounded with so much violence.

On the flip side, has there ever been a lasting revolution that came about in peace? I pray for these people. I hope our President will come out in support of these Iranians who are struggling to free themselves of the shackles that keep them bound to an oppressive past.

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