Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday

Do you remember me saying I was going to revisit my fortune cookies? Well I just happened to revisit that post and here's an interesting one I got May 25, 2009.

Success will be yours at home and in business in the next month.

Well if you consider ThriftyMaven a Business then this one came true. Also my fingers are still crossed on Darryl getting a job. It looks like he has an interview on Monday. I just have this feeling that this will be the one.

Since I've been off work I've been eating crazy amounts of food. My weight has gone up to 126.4. I need to lose about two pounds. So each day I've been walking about two miles and I'm still two pounds overweight. I'm hoping that by writing it down it will inspire me to do something different about losing my weight.

I spent most of the day working on future stories for ThriftyMaven, running to the library with Darryl, and pulling weeds in the garden. So I have lots of sweeps I have to hurry and get them done.

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