Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Hot And Muggy

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Today was very hot and muggy. The heat was oppressive and it reminded me of August in Washington, DC.

All day long I was on a quasi high. Darryl and I talked about a three year plan about when I'm finally vested in my pension. He said something I don't think he realized he said. He said, "Maybe you can take your twenty years, retire, and then do whatever in Alabama." I honestly floated. I've been wanting to retire so badly. I don't want to have to work until I'm 65 or 70. Then of course I should have known he'd restate his plan for the future. No his plan was for me to take my 20 years and teach in TN. This means I'd have to teach another 10 years. Oh boy. I'll be 63 by then. My all-day high crashed and I sighed. It's the way it always is isn't it?

I received a blogspark item today. The problem was it was the wrong thing. So I have to contact them because that's going to be the next giveaway on thriftymaven.

Here are two new fortune cookie fortunes I received recently.

An interesting musical opportunity is in your near future.

You will continue to take chances and be glad you did.

Let's see how that works. Maybe I will win a trip (from taking a chance) to see a musical opportunity (a concert) soon. hee hee hee hee

Here are the blog contests I entered:

Prize: 100 personalized Fortune Cookies from Fancy Fortune Cookies.

Prize: $100 gift certificate.

Prize: Motorola Motonav TN30 personal navigation system, Redington Red.Fly2 rod and the Crosswater reel, Eureka N!ergy 9 tent and E! Power Pak.

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