Saturday, June 6, 2009

Read The Rules Dummy

Here's my predicament. Yesterday I received an email that normally I would welcome. It was to tell me that I was the GRAND PRIZE winner for a trip. I can't say much about it because people will look at it and say why did she enter that? Here's the problem. This one company was running two contests with virtually the same prize. There was one significant difference but if you hadn't read the notes in OLS notes or the RULES you wouldn't have really realized the difference. I have a horrible habit of not reading the entire rules before entering. Basically if it's a sweep and all I have to do is submit my address and all I enter it by hitting robo form and moving on.

If I'm too old I'll be kicked off. For example earlier today I entered a sweep and it said, "Sorry you don't meet age requirements." That's when I realized I was too old. Entering sweeps for me is basically mindless with a click, click, and enter. I look to see what they are giving away and then I decide whether or not I'm going to enter.

Well I received an email congratulating me for being the grand prize winner. I was just so excited until I read on further into the letter and then i realized that there was a difference in the two contests and the one I entered I am not eligible for. On OLS people would give me grief saying, "Why didn't you read the rules? Why did you put in for a contest you weren't eligible for?" The fact is I didn't lie to enter. The screen looked the same as the other one and it was simply a straight up robo form. click, click, enter.

I know that the sponsor has ever right to say, no you can't have this prize and I certainly won't fight that decision. They are right and my big poopy head should really read rules more. Saying that doesn't mean that I will.

The sponsor asked me two questions and I was honest about both answers so I expect that they will say "You are not a winner." I feel like a big, big, dummy. Too bad because it would be a really great trip and one I could take my husband on. Oh well. You win some you lose some.

Today I videoed my birdies and they looked pretty awake and aware. Later in the day I went outside and one of my birdies was gone. He flew away. Later in the day my other birdies left the nest. I will miss them. So that episode is over.

Well here are the blog contests I did win. Very feew rules to read with blog contests.

Prizes (2): Giant fortune cookie with customized message from Giant Fortune Cookies.

Prize: One-year supply of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and 50-box donation to Feeding America.

Prize: HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition laptop.

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