Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Event For The Thrifty Maven

After posting all my things on ThriftyMaven and doing my tweets, I checked my email. I saw an email that had the word "about your post" in the subject line. I didn't know what to say. Was this something that I should be worried about. Was someone going to tell me to cease and desist? I just didn't know. I was pleasantly surprised to see the following:

Hi Cathy. I've been checking out your blog and saw your post about Home Depot's
Garden Club and coupon offerings and wanted to introduce myself. I work for Home
Depot's PR firm.

We're actually working to promote the Garden Club for Home Depot right now. Wanted
to see if you were open to running a giveaway or contest for a Home Depot gift card
on your blog?

Let me know if you're interested, and we can discuss the details.

OMG!!!!!!!! A sponsor contacted me. I was hoping this would happen. Guess you never know who is reading your blog.

I felt so good that I didn't even fret about the person who asked to unsubscribe. Not only that but right after one person subscribed another subscribed. Call that a red letter day.

It only seemed to get better. Darryl and I have been sweating about the whole job situation. Then yesterday Darryl's brother wrote him to tell him about a recruiter he knows who is looking for someone with rail experience. That would be Darryl. I told himm to send off his resume right away.

At the end of last week his resume had been sent to the hiring manager at Heil so we thought he would have heard from them by yesterday. There was still no word. Then it turns out that a recruiter contacted Darryl about a job located in Athens, AL. Darryl might actually have an interview. We'll know tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Say a little prayer for us.

The luck didn't stop there. I asked Darryl to drive me down to the Publix because I had a question about a new contest they have going on right now. Just as we were leaving I noticed that the mail carrier had already come. In the box was a big padded envelope and inside was the book "Beloved Counterfeit" autographed by the author Kathleen Y'Bara.

I was on a big high with the whole Darryl might have an interview thing and now with the book win I felt that the day couldn't get any better. I was wrong. VERY WRONG.

We went to Publix and I took a quick walk around the store. I asked about the new Publix sweep and the customer service person had no clue what I was talking about. That was a good sign. I still had $1.26 on a gift card I won so I figured I'd blow that and then be done with it.

While I was up at customer service I saw all the lottery tickets and I asked about the Lucky 7 tickets. When she said they were $10 I blanched. I don't usually buy many scratch offs. Darryl asked if I wanted one and I said no because I was really just asking because they've been advertised so much. Darryl then bought me one. I was afraid to scratch it.

Would you believe the very first game I scratched had two 7's on it. That made it a $40 winner. I was thrilled enough quadrupling my money. These tickets have five games though so I wasn't finished. On the second game you had to roll either a seven or an eleven to win. I rolled another seven and an eleven. Each of those was worth another $20 each. So now I was actually up to $80. I just knew that was it but seriously that was the most I EVER won on the lottery. The next game had to be a 7 and you only had one chance. I scratched off a 2 and laughed because I expected as much. The next game you had to scratch three sevens in a row in order to win and I won another $20. This was great. One more game. I almost hustled it up to the counter to cash it in without playing the last game. Darryl wanted me to play the last game which gave you a win for any sevens. I got one more seven and that win brought me an extra $150. Altogether that one ticket was $250!!!!!!!!!

As you know I will be going to Chicago and I was wondering how my trip would affect our budget as far as me eating. How much should I ask for? Money is tight. Now I have my answer I will be using this money to buy my food while in Chicago and Darryl gets $50 out of the win. Not a fair split but one that makes sense.

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