Sunday, June 7, 2009

Michael's Home

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Today was a day filled with surprises and happenings. To begin with Darryl took me to eat at the Fruit Jar Restaurant. We've both talked about going there for awhile but just never made it. When Darryl sold the tub he had a little money and took me out to eat.

I'm telling you that was "GOOD Eatin'" They have an all you can eat bean bar with corn bread that toes with your meal. I honestly could have made a meal just out of that. They had butter beans, ranch beans (basically chili) and black-eye peas. I just love that with corn bread. I ate so much I couldn't eat my HUGE meal. I actually wound up taking that home. My stomach was actually hurting from eating so much.

Then when we arrived home there was a strange car in our driveway headed down the road then suddenly it swerved off into our front lawn and as we pulled in to block them in it did some big circle in the front lawn.

Darryl screamed "Call 911. Call 911." He got out of his car to confront the driver who was now headed away from us. That's when we found out it was Michael and his friend in a rental car. I had to apologize to 911. We didn't get to see him the day I was supposed to see him so we didn't know what car he was driving and he hadn't called us to let us know he was coming. After having had our home robbed twice we were sick and tired of it.

Mike didn't have a cell phone because he had it turned off before he went to Iraq. I had called his girlfriend's phone but I never heard back. I had assumed she never told him or she had and they were just so busy in love that he just didn't call back. It turns out that they broke up and there was no way to get in touch with him.

We took Michael and his friend to bumper car/miniature golf course. We were told we couldn't rent bumper cars because I was in flip flops and so was Mike's friend. After we left there a driver signaled to us that our tire was almost flat. Turned out that we had THREE nails in the darn thing.

When we got home Darryl and the boys went to see Hangover. They liked it but I didn't feel like going. Darryl felt extra generous and took us all to Hooters to eat.

Just before Michael left he gave me a stuffed white tiger. It really meant a lot to me that he did that. Then he and his friend were off to Alabama and then Michael is off to visit his brother in Virginia.

Now about that crazy win that shouldn't be. As I said I had entered it without reading the rules. The email notifying me that I was the winner asked me straight up if I was able to travel on certain dates but also asked me about the specific item which is not about my age but about my profession. As I said, the same company had almost exactly the same contest going that didn't have that little qualifier. I hadn't read the rules and I had entered. I responded honestly to the email and funny enough they must not have read my email. They emailed me back and asked me for proof that my profession was the correct profession. Now let me tell you that is CRAZY.

If I answer you saying No I'm not an Anthropologist or NO I'm not a diesel mechanic then how in the heck would I be able to send you proof that I was something that I wasn't? Obviously I was wrong to enter and I'm certain that there would be people who would excoriate me for having done just that. The problem was initially my fault but I figured I cleared it up by saying hey this is not my profession and figured they were on to select the correct winner. Now they aren't reading what I sent them. OH MY.

I of course wrote them back a big long detailed email showing them the link to the sweep I thought this was and how I messed up and explained again that I now understood that this was similar but not the same. Hopefully it's all cleared up now.

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