Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Went To Golden Moon Casion With Dave FM And All I Had Was FUN!!!

Today began our "Extreme Casino Trip" with other couples who won the trip to the Golden Moon Casino.

Our trip began in Rome at the Starbucks. I had coupon for FREE drinks and I told Darryl I would treat him to any drink he wanted. I of course had my favorite drink which is a Venti Green Tea Frappaccino. Darryl decided to have a frozen cafe mocha.

From there we headed downtown to the appointed location to meet the party bus. Now when I say party bus, I probably mean to say luxury star treatment bus. The bus was equipped with Dual stereos, Large screen televisions, DVD, IPod hookups, CD, fiber optic lighting, Mood lighting
Ice wells, Microwaves, and a restroom!

Honestly, I was having one of those limo moments. For a girl who grew up poor I've been in a limo more times than I've ever imagined. Amazingly enough, each and every time I've actually been in a limo it was due to a contest win. This was, however, the very first time I'd ridden on such a splended bus that reminded me of a very large limo.

Call me a nerd but one of the things that I rate high on vacation satisfaction is the opportunity to read and despite the term party Darryl and I came prepared to read books.

Turns out we picked the perfect seats to do just that. The back of the bus became the party section while the front of the bus was occupied mostly by people who seemed to be walking the tamer side of the street.

The big excitement on the trip was when the police pulled our bus over.

No Willie Nelson was not on the bus. The trooper wanted to check our driver's log book and then sent us on our way.

When we finally arrived I couldn't wait to check into our room and check out the buffet.

The people at the Silver Star Casino were amazingly generous. Not only were our rooms very nice but they provided us with gift certificates for dinners for both night stay as well as breakfast on the other day.

Our first night we enjoyed prime rib and some of the best steak I've had in a long time at the Chef's Pavillion Buffet. That meal alone would have been a wonderful prize.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow when we get to see Sugarland! Oh I didn't tell you? Tickets to see Sugarland are part of our prize too!

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