Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weinergate Or Guess What's That You Have There?

It appears that NEW pictures of a certain Congressman's junk have trickled out and onto the internet.

These photos were taken at the House gym which sets off more questions about the congressman's use of congressional facilities for less than official purposes.

Actually, I thought Anthony, (sorry I hope you don't mind if I call you by your first name after I've seen you naked and all) might just try to ride this whole thing out when he announced yesterday that he was going to get some help for his sex addiction.

With the release of today's photos on TMZ.

In each of these photos our hero appears to want us to say hello to his little friend as he grabs his junk beneath his towel and in one special photo his junk is barely covered by his towel.

Gee Anthony, you sure came across as a very cocky guy, not so much anymore. I suppose after lying point-blank about your X-rated Internet liaisons for days, even suggesting that hackers had infiltrated your Twitter account only to have the truth come to light might just knock the wind out of your sails.

Democrats on Sunday stepped up calls for US Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign over his lewd online exchanges with women. Removing Weiner against his will could involve a protracted and messy legal battle and I suppose the DNC wants to be rid of it pretty quickly.

Sadly while we spend time watching and waiting for the next naked congressman photo to be released we are ignoring the fact that our country is in big trouble.

The 9.1 percent unemployment rate reported in May remains high by post-World War II standards long after the economy resumed growth following the worst recession in 70 years.

Almost half of the unemployed have been jobless for more than six months and people who have been out of work for long periods find it difficult to obtain a job comparable to their previous one, as their skills tend to deteriorate over time, and as employers are often reluctant to hire the long-term unemployed.

Economists warn that this may well be the "new normal" and it is likely to mean that unemployment will remain persistently high, at 7 percent or more, for years to come.

The Gold Report: Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has given a warning to the US government that it may downgrade its rating by 2013 if nothing is done to address the debt and deficit.

The US dollar is at an all time low. The sky really is falling people.

Don't worry though, because clowns like Rep. Weiner have all the time in the world to tweet naked photos of themselves while we fall into a double-dip recession.

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