Friday, June 24, 2011

Play The Diamonds When You Play The Slots

Welcome to day two of our adventure at the Pearl River Casino.

Darryl and I began our day with a walk around the Dancing Rabit Golf Club. The clubhouse really was beautiful and our walk around the course was a great way to begin our day.

After the golf club we decided to head to the pool. Now you would think that a pool located in Mississippi in the summer would not be very cold. You of course, would be wrong. It was very cold and it took me awhile to get adjusted. I did love the atmosphere of the pool area and even though it was early in the day I might just have been tempted to enjoy an umbrella drink.

After a quick trip back to the room we decided to hit the floor and gamble. I had a feeling about a particular slot machine. I had won $50 and I decided to play some more while waiting for Darryl to finish gambling.

Amazingly enough this particular machine would keep me mostly winning throughout the day with the expected backslides. At one point I got as high as $92 and I said to myself that I should stop there but since I didn't see Darryl I kept playing anyway. In the end I wound up walking away with the original $50. Which I suppose after playing four hours wasn't really so bad.

The menu tonight was my dream menu at the Chef's Pavillion with never ending crab legs and shrimp! I was in a word, HEAVEN. I LOVE crab and it's been quite some time since I've had all you can eat crab legs.

The only let down was the Sugarland concert. I had looked forward to the concert but Darryl didn't feel too well and asked how bad I would feel if we missed it. It wouldn't be the end of my world but in the end the fact that Darryl didn't feel well over-road whether or not I wanted to go to the concert. I knew he would go if I asked him but I didn't ask him because I know he didn't feel well.

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