Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weinergate Or Do These Drawers Make My Weiner Look Big?

We learned yesterday that the HONORABLE Rep. Anthony Weiner DID indeed tweet inappropriate photos and content to various young women online both before and after his marriage.

Today we learn that he encouraged a porn star to lie about their on-line relationship and offered her the help of his public relations team, according to a report on Tuesday.

Oh not a big lie really, not in the scheme of trying to take down the reputations of both private and public individuals, just a little CMA lie. You know, tell people this whole thing is silly and you know, Weiner briefly followed me and sent me a dm (direct message) saying thank you for the follow. That’s it.’”

He's been lying to his Democratic caucus members and to the public. That might not be a crime, but it could make it very difficult for his fellow Democrats to work with him so be looking for some in his party to begin pulling back.

Today Breitbart published a series of photos that Rep. Weiner had emailed to an unnamed woman from AnthonyWeiner@aol.com via BlackBerry.

The first is a G Rated photo with the double entendre “Me and the pussys” (Obviously a very juvenile play on words when one sees the cats in background)

The next photo feature Weiner with his shirt off. I seem to remember Christopher Lee had to relinquish his seat because of a very similar photo.

The final photo is also a very G rated photo of Weiner holding a “Me” sign

Andrew Breitbart alleges that he does have an uncensored photo of Weiner’s weiner, that he deemed too graphic to publish. (Ewwww)

Stay tuned boys and girls, Weiner's in for a bumpy ride.

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