Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weinergate Or Honestly Officer I Thought She Was Older

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Rep. Weiner we learn that he may have sent direct-messaged the seventeen year old high school Junior back in April of this year.

On Friday, the local police arrived at their home and asked the girl and her mother to bring the girl’s phone and computer to the police station so they could be checked to make sure no crime had occurred.

Police are looking for any other young women who may be involved.

Weiner's interactions with the Delaware girl "were neither explicit nor indecent," Weiner spokeswoman Risa Heller said Friday night.

Speaking of Weiner, his man parts were discussed this week on the View. It seems a discussion about Weiner's private parts began when Joy Behar suggested that he picture could have been of Andrew Breitbart.

Barbara Walters did correct Joy and let her know thta Weiner did admit that he was the proud owner of said man parts.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck offered a theory: If Weiner hasn't denied it was his, then it must be flattering.

"It is," quipped Walters. Really? I guess since I've only seen the pixalated photo I personally was not impressed.

I may be alone in my opinion however. According to, a fifth woman, Traci Nobles, has been discovered to have had sexual communication with our favorite digital Don Juan, Rep. Anthony Weiner. has exclusively obtained emails between the two of them and it seems that Rep. Weiner thinks pretty highly of himself in the stud department.

“Please understand i am a very important man. I'm always busy, but I promise i will make time for you soon!” Weiner wrote to Nobles in an email dated May 6, 2011.

“Don't the pictures i send keep you satisfied?”

Will Anthony leave office? It's looking more and more like he's dug in his heels and plans to stay.

It turns out that if Anthony were to lose his whole Washington gig he will have a difficult time securing employment becauseunlike most of his colleagues - he doesn't have his own business, or even a financial background.
Besides it's getting harder and harder to find employers who will allow you to surf the net and send porn during working hours.

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